Creative Writing Clubs for Young Adults and Youth

WritingIf you enjoy writing and would like to learn more about it, come and join other writers in your community in one of our Creative Writing Clubs. Leave grammar and writing rules in the classroom. Creative writing is all about expressing yourself through words. It can take many different forms, including short stories, essays, poetry, and scripts for skits, TV shows, movies, plays, YouTube, or video games. A member of our staff will share resources for budding authors and guide club members through activities to improve members’ skills, share ideas and feedback, and just have fun!
Due to different maturity levels, we will have one club for writers ages 15 to 18, which will meet on the third Monday of every month at 4 pm. There will be a similar but separate club for younger writers ages 10-14, which will meet on the first Monday of every month at 4 pm. Each group will meet at the tables in the back corner of the library.
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