Crocodiles: Tuesday, June 8th

Learn about crocodiles!

This afternoon, the Atascocita Branch Library, will be holding a  children's program on crocodiles.  

Please be aware, that space is limited for all programs. The safety  of the children we serve is our first considerations. Room capacity,  is determined by the fire marshal, as well as our desire for a high-quality program experience, may necessitate limits.
In order to serve a larger number of children all participants must be able to sit through the program without an adult.  We do however, encourage you to say in the library in case your child needs you.

Below, I have listed a few books about crocodiles that you might enjoy.   If you need assistance finding items in the library or ordering books please ask a staff member. 


Gail Gibbons
Melissa Gish

Jim Arnosky
Photograph provided by Tambako the Jaguar's photostream  on Flickr