Crossing the Genre Frontier

Richard Matheson is one of those somewhat rare writers who can cross genres successfully. With stories like I am Legend, What Dreams May Come, Somewhere In Time, as well as numerous screenplays and short story collections, his name is well established in the horror, suspense, and sci-fi and fantasy genres. This being said, I was somewhat surprised to find Mr. Matheson has also turned his very capable hand to the western genre. If you like westen stories, or even if you don't think you do, you might want to give Matheson's take on the old west a try. I have read several reviews from persons who don't normally read westerns say these titles are well worth your time. After all, Stephen King credits Matheson as a major influence, and that's is a pretty good recommendation.

Journal of the Gun Years follows the checkered career of a notorious gunman via his diary. From his beginnings as a bored and innocent farm boy to being lionized in his old age as a legend in dime novels, he falls victim to his own dark myth.

The Gun Fight tells the story of an ex-Texas Ranger who would like to leave his gun years behind him, but hard pressed by the people around him to escape that past. He finds himself being forced toward a gunfight he does not want but may not be able to avoid.

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