Cures for Boredom: Funny Reads

You Make Me Smile by vastaAt this point in the summer, with just a couple of weeks before school officially starts, the Summer Reading Program about to end (have you logged your books or minutes? Log your books and minutes!), and weather that is so hot it saps your energy as soon as you walk out the front door, sometimes a little bit of boredom sets in.  We’ve enjoyed sleeping in, staying up later, hanging out with friends, and maybe taking a family trip, but these last few weeks seem to draaaaaaaaggggg by.  Why not check out a book that will have you laughing the rest of your summer away?  What funny reads to you recommend?

Mer’s Picks: Funny Reads

beat the band bookjacketi'd tell you i love you bookjacketcarter finally gets it bookjacketice cream con bookjacketking of the screwups bookjacket






ostrich boys bookjacketsean griswold's head bookjacketgenius of unspeakable evil bookjacketdisreputable history of frankie landau-banks bookjacketalibi junior high bookjacket






spellman files bookjacketjack tumor bookjacketamerican shaolin bookjacketking dork bookjacketwithering tights bookjacket






gemini bites bookjacketschwa was here bookjacketexile of gigi lane bookjacketbeatle meets destiny bookjacketspanking shakespeare bookjacket





Flickr CC: You Make Me Smile Photo by: vasta