Damsel in Distress

   Opening in the British countryside with the kidnapping of American heiress Gloria Arbuckle and the Honorable Phillip Petrie, Damsel in Distress by Carol Dunn is the fifth in the Daisy Dalrymple series.   Gloria's Father is left behind with a ransom note and warning to not go to the police.  Phillip wakes up under a hedge after being knocked out while trying to escape.  As soon as he can Phillip contacts Gloria's Father and learns about the ransom note with a threat to kill Gloria if the police are brought in.  Not know where else to turn Phillip calls in childhood friend Daisy Dalrymple.  Together with friends they search for Gloria causing Daisy to be captured.  Daisy realizes that the roof of the cottage where she and Gloria are being  held is thatch and they dig their way out only to have Gloria recaptured when they run away into the woods. Scotland Yard Detective Inspector Alec Fletcher the man Daisy wants to marry has come down for the weekend to meet her mother.  He arrives to find Daisy missing and  immediately becomes involved in planning a rescue plan.