Dancing Across the Screen

dancing on a benchThis Friday, August 6th, the movie I have been waiting for all summer finally opens in theaters: Step Up 3D. I know what you’re all thinking; I can practically hear the groans. The fact of the matter is that I adore silly teenage dance movies. My love for this film niche began years ago when Patrick Swayze danced his way into my pre-teen heart, and it has grown over the years. There is just something about dance movies. I love the drama that always leads up to the big final performance, the inevitable romantic plot and, most important of all, the dancing. I will probably never be able to dance like the actors in my favorite dance movies, but I can certainly appreciate their talents and do a little dance in my seat!


If your inner dancing queen is making a bid for freedom and you can’t make it to the theaters this weekend, browse the HCPL catalog and request a dance movie today! And remember: Nobody puts Baby in a corner!

Kimberly’s Dance Movie Picks:

Center Stage Turn It UpDirty DancingFootlooseSaturday Night Fever

Save the Last DanceStep UpStep Up 2: The Streets

Flickr CC: 215/365 I hope you dance Photo by: kharied