Dark Chocolate, Red Heart

heartsIf you’re a chocoholic like me, then you may be as thrilled as I am to see the recent research about the supposed health benefits of dark chocolate, and particularly its heart-healthy attributes. Talk about good news! And there’s such an array of choices now –- so much chocolate, so little time! So if you are curious about some of these delicious-looking chocolate bars you see in the stores, please join us this Monday, February 8, at 5 PM, for our combo Hearts and Chocolate party and Valentine craft. We’ll have a variety of chocolate bars broken into bite-size pieces for your sampling pleasure, and we’ll also have craft materials available for handcrafting Valentine cards. This creative activity for adults and teens will be a wonderful way to get in touch with that inner artist who may need a little nurturing. We’ll have some love potion, love poetry, and a little romantic music to set the mood….oh and did I mention chocolate?

photo credit: hapal on flicker.com/creativecommons