Database - Biography Resource Center

Do you need to do a report about famous person? Does your instructor require print resources? Just curious about notable women or Russian monarchs?

The Biography Resource Center provides information on more than 350,000 people from all sorts of times and places. Patrons, at the library branch or remotely, can search this database by using Search by Name (i.e. - Catherine th Great), Category Browse (i.e. - Notable Women), Biographical Facts Search (i.e. - occupation), or Advanced Search. Users can even click on the Spotlight On... person.

When a patron finds the biography, he/she will see that the articles come from print resources. A patron can print the article or go green by emailing the article to him/herself. These biographies provide text about the person and, sometimes, pictures which can be incorporated into a report.

The Biography Resource Center is a Gale Database. If a user is not at the library, he/she must enter his/her library barcode number.

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Thank you Jorie. The

Thank you Jorie. The Biography Resource Center is a great resource.