Dead Inside, Do Not Enter: Notes from the Zombie Apocalypse

"(Dead Inside, Do Not Enter) is part of an ongoing, collaborative, experimental storytelling project called Lost Zombies. Our goal is to create a fictional world where zombies exist and document that world in a range of media, including print and film. Portions of the contents of this book were created by people from around the globe."

Dead Inside, Do Not Enter is a collection of cards, letters, flyers, and scraps that detail the aftermath of a zombie apocalypse. Dead Inside is arranged in the same manner as the Post Secret series. There is no complete story, although the beginning of the book shows a timeline of events leading up to the apocalypse. Throughout Dead Inside, readers will get stories from those that have been forced to leave their homes, families that have separated, even those who have been bitten. Among them are horrific tales of those forced to kill.

It's been awhile since I have read a horror. I admit I was in a bit of a slump. Luckily, I came across Dead Inside via the book return. I opened a page just to see what it was about and read through the entire book in about five minutes. The stories vary from entertaining to thought provoking. Dead Inside, Do Not Enter was a very quick and interesting read!