Death of the Demon

I’ve been reading Anne Holt since the first English translation of her work, 1222, appeared in the US a few years ago. Now I can’t wait for each book to come out! If you’re starting the series in order, start with Blind Goddess.  The succeeding books are Blessed Are Those Who Thirst, and Death of the Demon. The heroine is lesbian Oslo police officer Hanne Wilhelmsen. In Death of The Demon she has been promoted to police inspector and she is dealing with learning how to be a boss. Her newest case is the murder of a foster home supervisor, a woman who seems to have no enemies!  Along with working on the case, she has to deal with issues at home with her partner who doesn’t understand why Hanne is unwilling to come out of the closet. The mystery kept me guessing and the characters are richly drawn.