Deep in the Heart of Texas

welcome to texasI wasn’t born in Texas and most of my life was spent living elsewhere. I certainly can’t claim to be a Native Texan. I’m a transplant, but one who has come to deeply enjoy the uniqueness and diversity of the people, cultures, and environments within this Lone Star State. I’ve picked several books that (at some point) take place in Texas; hopefully you’ll find one you enjoy, too. What do you love about Texas?   

Mer’s Texas Reads:

sweetheart of prosper county bookjackettequila worm bookjacketfeels like home bookjacketderby girl bookjacket


zachary beaver bookjacketevolution of calpurnia tate bookjacketthe debs bookjacketdays of little texas bookjacketcrazy loco bookjacket






come juneteenth bookjacketgetting it bookjackettantalize bookjackethow not to be popular bookjacket





Flickr CC: Welcome to Texas Photo by: dherrera_96