Delightful Romantic Comedy

rosie projectNormally, I write about books that live strictly in the romance genre and about topics more than specific titles.  I recently finished one that is making me break out of my rut and post a review of a book that is more fiction than romance -- The Rosie Project by Graeme C. Simsion.  Imagine the character of Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory was Australian and actually someone interested in finding a wife. Then set him in a romantic comedy worthy of Richard Curtis.  I found this book to be that funny and cinematic -- I think it is actually already optioned to become a film.

The story follows Don Tillman, a professor of genetics and creature of logic (he probably has some form of Asperger syndrome, but he is not aware of it).  He has a total of two friends and a complete inability to understand when women are interested in him or how to talk to them in a social setting.  So, he decides to begin The Wife Project, complete with sixteen page questionnaire, to help him find a partner.  At the same time, Don meets Rosie, who meets none of the requirements of The Wife Project, but needs Don's help in identifying her biological father.  The story of the effect they have on each other is both heartwarming and hilarious.  I listened to the audio in my car, and I know I spit coffee at one point.  

So, I loved this book.  Anyone else read something lately that left them with a happy smile?