Different Voices in Our Choices

The Aldine Library staff have chosen 10 books to put on display in the book display case in the branch lobby. First Things First, by Kurt and Brenda Warner, explores the formula for success for these parents of seven who are going into their 12th year of marriage. In Stranger in the Nest, by David B. Cohen, the author argues that the influence of parenting on a child's personality development is much weaker than most people assume. Another non-fiction title, Julia and Jaques Cooking at Home, is a companion volume to Julia Child and Jacques Pepin's PBS series of the same name in which the the TV cooks confront different ingredients.

Switching gears, the fiction title Bel Canto presents a beautifully written story of unlikely love and secret desires. Life Sentences is a mystery title that was inspired by a real-life story in which a Baltimore woman's whose young son disappeared. Baltimore Blues, also by Lippman, is a murder mystery. Lock and Key, by Sarah Dessen, explores the meaning of family—and spins many plots and subplots around it. In Deja Dead, also a mystery, Temperance Brennan investigates a grisly discovery for the Montreal coroner's office. Execution Dock is an Anne Perry mystery, set in 1864, that follows William Monk, superintendent of the Thames River Police Force. The Virgin's Lover, by Philipa Gregory, is a historical novel of a beautiful young Virgin Queen who is portrayed as a neurotic home-wrecker.

If you are interested in checking out one or more titles on display in the bookcase, please notify a library staff member. We will be happy to get them out for you.