Digital Media Catalog Now Available to Kindle Users!

Kindle now available

Kindle is here!  As of this morning, you can now checkout and download 5400 of our eBooks to the Kindle!

I will have more information on using the Kindle with the service soon!


I think this is awesome --

I think this is awesome -- ensuring that the library services are available to a wide range of users. I do hope, however, that this does not impact the number of books that the library provides in PDF or EPUB version. A big reason why I chose my nook a couple years ago was to make use of the free downloads from the library. I recognize that the library system has limited funds, so there's not always a full selection of titles, although I've always found something to read. I just hope that we don't reduce the number of titles in order to provide more media types. That would be doing a disservice to the community.

Our vendor recently changed

Our vendor recently changed how they handle eBooks.  Now, instead of selecting a format (Kindle, EPUB, PDF) I just select an eBook and it will be available to check out in every format that is listed for that title in their catalog.

So say I select the eBook version of the new James Patterson novel.  After we purchase the title as an eBook, it could be available in both Kindle and EPUB formats with just the one purchase.  It all would depend what they are allowed to sell the title as.  This is great as now we do not have to choose to purchase it for  the Nook and not the Kindle!  We just purchase it!

This is great news, I have

This is great news, I have been waiting for this day! I am a kindle user and was very happy with it except for the lack of ability to borrow electronic books from the library.

We are happy that Kindles are

We are happy that Kindles are compatible as well.  If you have a Kindle with Wi-Fi (not the 3G wireless) it is very easy to checkout and download titles! 

Our Kindle support page should answer any questions that you have!

Enjoy the system! 

Kindle books now available in

Kindle books now available in HCPL for checkout up to 14 days

1.Go to HCPL Digital Media catalog

2. Browse through Books or use the SEARCH function, with KINDLE option - you will get a list of books

3. If a KINDLE format is available, you will see "ON HOLD" or "ADD TO CART"

4. Complete Checkout

5. You will be redirected to an AMAZON page , where you can download the book or have it sent to your KINDLE

6. Turn on your Kindle, sync through Wi-fi

I used it to download and

I used it to download and read 'One Amazing Thing', by Chitra Banerjee Divakuni, with my daughter's iPad. Worked well. Thanks for the service.

You are more than welcome! 

You are more than welcome!  I'm glad it worked well for you.


"One Amazing Thing" was our Gulf Coasts Reads title for September.  I hope you enjoyed the book!