Digital Media Lab Orientation

Have you registered for Digital Media Lab orientation yet? We have spots open now in Feburary on the 13th, 18th, and 27th. We've had folks using it for a wide range of creative activities so far, including VHS conversion and music creation/editing. Our newest addition, in case you hadn't heard, is an 8mm/Super 8 digital converter, which should soon be available for use. Call or visit today to register for orientation and get started using this new, free space here in your library!


I have attended orientation,

I have attended orientation, but am having trouble scheduling my 2 hr time. Can you help?website? email? Thanks

Certainly!  First, visit this

Certainly!  First, visit this page on our website.  On the right is an "Appointment Request" link for the DML.  You'll then be taken to a page listing our policies and a form to submit details related to your reservation.  After submission, you should be contacted by staff to confirm your reservation or arrange a different date and/or time if there is a conflict.