Discover the Winter Games Anew!

For those of you who have missed the myriad of commercials playing on television these days, the Winter Olympic Games are about to start in Vancouver on February 12th. This is only the third time in the History of the Olympics that Canada, the second largest nation on Earth, will host the Olympics. I am looking forward to this year’s winter Olympics, especially in light of what happened in the 2008 Olympic games in Beijing. Forty-eight new World Records and over a hundred thirty new Olympic Records were set in 2008. If we see anything as exciting at that in the 2010 games, they will be glorious to watch.

Of course, if you are going to watch records being broken, why not learn about the people who set those records initially. Naturally, you could just look up their names in an almanac or something but much more fun would be to get the full story of their rise to glory! “The Complete Book of the Winter Olympics: 2010 Edition” gives you the complete story of the Olympics.
The book goes through every single event in every single Winter Olympics, listing not only the winners but the scores of the top-8 finishers in every category for each year. However, the real heart of the book is the stories about the winners and losers of the Winter Olympics that bring the history to life. 
The book discusses not only who won certain competitions but the mistakes that certain contestants made which cost them victories. The book discusses how winning or losing certain contests changed the lives of the participants and tells the stories of the scandals, intrigues, and surprise victories that are at the heart of the Olympic experience.
The book goes through the history and aftermath of everything from the Nancy Kerrigan attack to the corrupt judge of the Ice Dancing event in 1998 who tried to fix the competition. The story also tells the story of Katarina Witt, women’s figure skating champion in 1984 and 1988, who was so attractive that she received over 35,000 love letters following her victory. And, relates the strange fact that one of the love letters came from the dictator of East Germany, who went so far as to have their domestic spy organization watch her 24-hours a day for years! Altogether, the book is a wonderful way to prepare for the upcoming Winter Olympics, while also enjoying the exciting human drama that is the Olympics.
Will you be watching the Olympics this year? If so, what is the event that you are most looking forward to watching?