Discovering America Through Art


My blog last week explored poetry about America, in which I highlighted (Tour America: a Journey through Poems and Art) by Diane Siebert.

 A few weeks ago, I used her poem "Cadillac Ranch" as part of my family storytime. Would the kids see this structure as a bunch of cars or a sculpture? Most of them agreed that it was art; however, their perception was influenced by the fact that the cars had been "painted" in bright colors. I explained to the group that the Cadillac Ranch was the vision of Stanley Marsh, but that this was a collaborative art project because other people had painted the cars. Several of the children liked the idea of working together on a project.
This evening's Family Storytime program (Monday, May 24th) will extend on this theme and the children will have an opportunity to make their own art car.


The author uses a rhyming text to discuss America's history, landscape and culture.
ABC USA  Martin Jarrie
An American classic is born! Breathtaking folk art-style illustrations that are ageless as well as timeless capture the culture, history, and heritage of the United States--from A to Z.

Go, Go America Dan Yaccarino

A collection of odd facts, including festivals, contests, and laws, of the United States
Tulip sees America  Cynthia Rylant
A young man and his dog drive west from Ohio and marvel at the farms of Iowa, the skies of Nebraska, the wind in Wyoming, the mountains of Colorado, the desert in Nevada, and the ocean in Oregon.
The states become bored with their positions on the map and decide to change places for a while.
The states decide to get together and put on a show featuring their particular talents. Includes facts about the history and geography of the states.
A Picnic in October  Eve Bunting
A boy finally comes to understand why his grandmother insists that the family come to Ellis Island each year to celebrate Lady Liberty’s birthday.
Liberty's Journey Kelly DiPucchio
The Statue of Liberty decides to roam the land and visit some of the people she has greeted upon their arrival in the United States, so she steps off her pedestal and takes a walk from sea to sea.
Photograph courtesy of Longhorndave on Flickr