Dive Into a Dystopian Universe

Hunger Games


Finished with The Hunger Games trilogy?  Looking for a new dystopian world to dive into?  Don’t despair; there are plenty to choose from.  The dystopian worlds out there vary from dark and gritty to ones filled with romance. 


Check out Delirium by Lauren Oliver to see what the world would be like if the government outlawed love and forced allDivergent citizens to receive a cure at age 18.  Ally Condie’s Matched trilogy features another dystopian world plagued with love and courtship issues.  Looking for something a little more action packed?  Variant by Robinson Wells takes us to an elite boarding school that seems like it will be the ticket out of dead end life for Benson Fisher.  Divergent by Veronica Roth is a world where you have to choose one personality trait and living by it.  Or try out an older dystopian series like Scott Westerfeld’s The Uglies or The Giver by Lois Lowry. 

None of these books sound like what you’re looking for?  Check out the library’s NoveList database or Bookhunters to search for authors, series, and titles similar to your all-time favorites.  Call or stop by your local branch to learn more about these and other library services that can help you find the book you’re looking for.


You should also check out the

You should also check out the novel Blood Red Road by: Moira Young.

Excellent suggestion! 

Excellent suggestion!  Thanks!