Do You Watch Book Trailers?

What is a book trailer, you ask?  Imagine the promos you see for upcoming films when you go to the theater, only these are promoting upcoming books and are viewed online.  They cover a wide range of book categories and a wide range of video capabilities, but some of them are funny, well-made and intriguing.  The book trailer embedded below is for Sherrilyn Kenyon's most recent Dark Hunters book, No Mercy:  

What do you think?  Embarassing or enticing?  Would a book trailer convince you to try something you might not normally read?


The beauty of a book is that

The beauty of a book is that each reader can fill in the details on the characters looks, movements, etc and make them their own. A quick commercial couldn't possibly do the characters any kind of justice for the readers and the attempt at an enticing/serious/whatever voice falls into comedy instead. If the above commercial is a standard example, I'll be skipping them in the well as the book. Pam

Thanks for your comment,

Thanks for your comment, Pam.  I must admit that I prefer the pictures I create in my imagination, but a well done trailer can attract new people to a book or a series.

I have to say that my

I have to say that my favorite trailer was for 'Sense and Sensibility and Sea Monsters.' However, I didn't read the book, because that sub-genre isn't my cup of tea. Neither zombies nor sea monsters could get me to read those books!

Thanks, Misty!  I'm going to

Thanks, Misty!  I'm going to have to take a look at that one, even if I am an Austen purist.