The Doctor is Back!

TARDISWhen I was little, I remember watching this old British sci fi show on PBS with my parents. It had a spaceship shaped like a police box that traveled through time, a mechanical dog that spoke, metal aliens that shouted (mechanically) “EX-TER-MIN-ATE!”, and a man with giant hair and scarf longer than he was tall.

First airing in 1963, Doctor Who is the longest-running science fiction show on television. It has taken a few breaks over the years, but it always comes back better than ever. This Saturday the new series, starring Matt Smith as the Eleventh Doctor (the Doctor regenerates after traumatic experiences, allowing for new actors to take over) premieres on BBCA. I know I’ll be watching!

If you have missed Doctor Who all these years, can’t tune in tomorrow night, or just want to go back and watch episodes with your favorite Doctor, browse through the HCPL catalog and request episodes today!

Doctor Who Doctor WhoDoctor WhoDoctor WhoDoctor Who

Flickr CC: Dr Who Photo by: aussiegall