The Dog Days of Summer

It’s hot out there folks. It’s the type of heat that makes you want to stay inside and not do much of anything at all, except maybe read a good book. Read a good book while sitting next to a fan, with the A/C on full blast, with a glass of iced tea next to you. Apparently, as I found out during my quick internet search before writing this blog, the term ‘dog days of summer’ can’t actually be used during any ole’ month, no matter how hot it is. The idiom is supposed to be used during the period of time when Sirius, the Dog Star and the brightest visible star from any part of Earth, rises at the same time as the sun: usually somewhere between July 3rd to August 11th. So what are we supposed to do during these frankly mind-numbingly hot days to stop our minds from melting and becoming, well, numb? Read about dogs of course! The cute, cuddly kind, obviously. Here are 15 pics, 5 for kids, 5 for teens and 5 for adults. 




Harry the Dirty Dog
Because of WInn-Dixie
Dog's Colorful Day
If You Give a Dog a Donut


The Unexpected Everything
Dogs of War
News for Dogs
No More Dead Dogs


The Art of Racing in the Rain
Off the Leash: a Year at the Dog Park
Following Atticus
Lily and the Octopus
Oogy: the Dog only a Family Could Love

Flickr CC:Dog Days of Summer on Galveston