Dog Detective Rules!

“Stakeouts: I’ve sat through a million.”    This line is from Dog on It, a mystery I am really enjoying. How can you not like a book narrated by a street smart dog? This is a fast-paced story, told from the dog’s point of view and features the adventures of Chet the dog and his owner Bernie, a private investigator who’s often down on his luck.
The lines are classic canine: “She wore a robe and had curlers in her hair and some green stuff smeared all over her face… Oops. I caught myself growling. Very bad, but she was scary.”
I don’t often recommend books I haven’t yet finished, but I’ll make an exception here. If you like a good mystery with a healthy dose of humor I highly recommend it. Animal lovers will like it too. You don’t have to take my word for, check out the reviews!
We have this title available in both book and audio format. Since I drive a fair amount I opted for the CD version. It's great for vacationers.
The author, Spencer Quinn, has just release the 2nd title in the series, Thereby Hangs a Tail. I’ve already placed a request on it!