Domino's Pizza Challenge Issued

Katie Bertram showing off her best pizza pie.

Domino’s Pizza was a lot of fun on Tuesday.  Katie Bertram her team members from a Domino’s close by taught us how to make a lump of pizza dough into nicely shaped pizza pie.  We all were dough slinging expert-novices before they left.   I issued a challenge to Domino's team member Katie Bertram to make her best pizza pie in dough form.  We will have to see if she can return next year and beat her own personal pizza. 

If you didn’t get to come for the Domino’s show join us Friday, July 27, 2012 at 3:00 pm for a fun family movie.  Here you can sneak in your own snacks from home and we don’t mind. Call the Katherine Tyra Library for more information about the Friday movie at 281-550-0885.  Don't miss the fun check out our events calendar for events are coming up.