Download library books to your new ereader

A man uses his ereader.So, someone gave you a new ereader as a gift and you are looking forward to putting it into full use – with full use meaning accessing books from the library? HCPL's digital media catalog has thousands of books for a variety of interests. Join us on Wednesday, January 11, from 2 - 3:30 p.m. to learn how to download ebooks from HCPL’s digital media catalog. Call 281-484-2036 for more information.


Steve - Do you mean Tuesday,

Steve - Do you mean Tuesday, Jan 10 or Wed, Jan 11? Thanks SRC

Thank you!  I made the

Thank you!  I made the correction.

HCPL book search capability

HCPL book search capability is primitive, limited, and unreliable. The web site is difficult to navigate.