Downloadable Books and Audio!

This week I did something for the very first time.  I read a book . . . entirely on my computer!  That's right, I traded the pleasure of turning pages between my fingers for the convenience of advancing digital pages on my laptop.  And, to my surprise, I enjoyed it almost every bit as much as the real thing!  Did you know that the library offers access to downloadable ebooks and audiobooks, not to mention videos and music?  Well, we do! 

Don't consider yourself technically savvy?  No problem.  I and others have found it to be a simple learning experience with little computer know-how required.  If you're a library card holder and you have a computer, you're just a step away from enjoying this new, innovative, and convenient way to enjoy books and other media.  Just start by visiting HCPL's Digital Media Catalog and find out how easy and fun it can be!

Photo © Jupiterimages