Downloading library books to your Android Device using the Overdrive App.

A PDF document of these instructions with images is also available.

Installing the Overdrive App

The first thing you will need to do is install the free Overdrive App from your device’s app Store
Once in the app store, you should see a search box in the upper right.  Type “Overdrive Media Console” into the search box. You may see Overdrive listed in the results that drops down below the search area.  Select this.

After selecting “Overdrive” in the results area, you should see the icon for the Overdrive app.  It is blue with a white circle on it.  Select “Install” to install the app.
Next, locate the app on the Android device.  It looks the same as the blue square with the white “O” on it as seen in the app store.

Go to the Library’s Digital Media Catalog

To start downloading EPUB eBooks or MP3 eAudio, press the menu icon in the upper left (it looks like the Overdrive app icon) or use your finger to swipe the screen to the right.

Select “Add a library” from the menu on the left.

You can either type in your zip code and select the “search” button or you can browse for libraries with the “Browse for Libraries” button.

One of the top options should be for “Harris County Public Library” or the name of your local HCPL branch.  Select either if it is displayed.

Next you will be asked to choose the library system.  Tap the star next to “Harris County Public Library.”  This option will now be set in the app for future eBook or eAudio searches.

In the future you can just select “Add a Book” from the app’s bookshelf.

Now that you have selected HCPL as the library system you will be taken to our digital catalog. 


While browsing the catalog on your mobile device, please be aware that you will only be shown the compatible titles for your device.  You will not see the titles or formats that cannot be downloaded to your device. 

Next you will need to search the catalog to find and check out a title. 

Please note that in order to read EPUB eBooks in the app you will need to first create a free Adobe ID. You can do so here.  You will be asked to enter the Adobe ID and password the first time you download an EPUB eBook.

Once you have found a title to checkout, select the green “Borrow” button.  If it says “Place on hold” all copies are checked out and a hold will need to be placed on the title.

In the next screen, select the green button that says “Download (Select one format).”  To read in the Overdrive app, you will want to choose the EPUB format.  After you choose the EPUB format, select “Confirm and Download.”

The title will now start to download to the device.

Reading a Title You Just Downloaded

Now that the title is downloaded, select the menu icon in the upper left.  It is the blue square with the white “O” in it.

In the menu options, select “Bookshelf.”

You should now see the book jacket for the title in the app’s bookshelf.  Select it to open it and begin reading.

Returning a Title Early

To return the title early, or to delete it from the device, make sure you are in the “Bookshelf” screen.  Press and hold on the book jacket of the title to return.  A pop up should show up with three options on it.  Select “Return” to return and delete the title.

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