Dulce et decorum est: War and Anti-War Poetry

Cover Art: Blue-Tail Fly by Vievee FrancisSoldiers have been writing poetry glorifying or abhorring war for as long as there have been soldiers and wars. Others have written poems lamenting war's inhumanity and its wastes every bit as long. I guess the best we can do is work toward the day when neither will be necessary.

Below you will find poetry occasioned by war from the Harris County Public Library Catalog.



An Imagist at War: the Complete War Poems of Richard Aldington [electronic resource] / selected by Michael Copp.
Celebrations: Rituals of Peace and Prayer / Maya Angelou
Calligrammes : Poems of Peace and War (1913-1916) / Guillaume Apollinaire Cover Art: Native Guard by Natasha Trethewey
A Chorus for Peace: A Global Anthology of Poetry by Women / edited by Marilyn Arnold, et al.
John Brown's Body / Stephen Vincent Benet
"Words for the Hour:" A New Anthology of American Civil War Poetry / edited by Faith Barrett and Cristanne Miller
Selected Poetry and Prose of Paul Celan /
Breathturn / Paul Celan
Glottal Stops: 101 Poems / Paul Celan
War Poets [VHS] / Films for the Humanities and Sciences
Tales from a Child of the Enemy / Ursula Duba
Carrying the Darkness: The Poetry of the Vietnam War / edited by W. D. Ehrhart
Unaccustomed Mercy: Soldier Poets of the Vietnam War / edited by W. D. EhrhartCover Art: Cold War Poetry
Blue-tail Fly / Vievee Francis
American War Poetry: An Anthology / edited by Lorrie Goldensohn
Poems about War / Robert Graves
Poets against the War / edited by Sam Hamill, et al.
The First World War in Irish Poetry [electronic resource] / Jim Haughey
The Voices in Wartime Anthology / edited by Andrew Himes, et al.
War Poems / Selected by John Hollander
America at War: Poems / selected by Lee Bennett Hopkins
Brother Enemy: Poems of the Korean War / edited by Suh Ji-moon
Dien Cai Dau / Yusef Komunyakaa
Today Is Not a Good Day for War / David Krieger
Men, Women and Ghosts [computer file] / Amy LowellCover Art: Dien Cai Dau by Yusef Komunyakaa
From Both Sides Now: The Poetry of the Vietnam War and Its Aftermath / edited by Phillip Mahoney
Battle-Pieces and Aspects of the War: Civil War Poems / Herman Melville
Poems from Captured Documents / selected & translated from the Vietnamese by Thanh T. Nguyen & Bruce Weigl
Disabled and Other Poems / Wilfred Owen
Poets against the War [web site] / Project Alchemy
Poets of World War II / edited by Harvey Shapiro
The Oxford Book of War Poetry / edited by Jon Stallworthy
Articles of War: A Collection of American Poetry about World War II / edited by Leon Stokesbury
The Soldier Poets [VHS] / Terra Entertainment 
Ballads of the North and South in the Civil War / [compiled by] Walbrook D. Swank
Native Guard / Natasha Trethewey
The Civil War Poems / Walt Whitman
Poetry from 1660 to 1780: Civil War, Restoration, Revolution / edited by Duncan Wu.

Dulce et decorum est is the title of a poem written during World War I by Wilfred Owen. He uses the full phrase to close the poem: Dulce et decorum est pro patria mori which is usually translated to English as "How sweet and fitting it is to die for one's country." The line originates in a poem by the Roman Horace.