Edible Gluten Free No Cook Playdough

Up Date 2/10: gluten free playdough and kids

Gluten-free play dough was pretty fun. We had a great time with the lumpy stick mess I made.  We used natural spices and veggies to tint the dough. Turmeric was my favorite because of it cam out so bright.  We also used the juice left in a can of sliced beets, paprika and cocoa for pink, orange, and brown.


This Thursday at 10:30 AM we will have Infant Explorers! Join us for a sensory experience you would only allow at the library.  In this program babies 0-18 months are invited to smash,sniff and squeeze all kinds of sensory messes.  This month we  will explore the mini mayhem of Gluten-Free play dough.  I found the recipe on a blog called Fun at Home With Kids. I hope you can join us.  

Infant Explorers is held on the first Thursday of every month at 10:30 am.