Effortlessly Cool

converse red roseI’ve always been a little awed by people who seem so effortlessly cool. They can wear that $2 thrift store shirt and make it look like a million bucks. They know the hippest coffee shops; they listen to bands I’ve never heard of; and they live on a mainstay of cult classic movies, books, and TV shows. I’ve put together a list of books that strike me as effortlessly cool. If these books were people they’d be more chic than skinny jeans and smart enough to finish a cross-word puzzle in pen. 

Mer’s Hip Picks:

weetzie bat bookjacketdebbie harry bookjacketmitochondrial curiosities bookjacketthe plain janes bookjacket


gingerbread bookjacketnaomi and ely bookjacketgeektastic bookjacketdark dude bookjackethow beautiful the ordinary bookjacket






destroy all cars bookjacketpunkzilla bookjackethow to say goodbye in robot bookjacketnothing bookjacket





Flickr CC: Red Rose Converse by Andrea Photo by: Lightmash