Elections and Politics

This guide includes major election sites, information on political parties, on the Presidency, US Senate and House of Representatives, Gubernatorial, County Judge, and information on elections and voting in Harris County & Texas.


Find Your Polling Location (Click Voting Information)


"Holding politicians accountable."

Houston Chronicle Elections & Politics

News and resources on local, state and national elections and politics. Voter tools include maps, parties, and a list of incumbents.

Justice Learning

"Civic education in the real world."

On the Issues

"Every political leader on every issue."

Open Secrets

"A guide to the money in US elections."


Independent guide to political races. Includes all state races for Texas.

Project Vote Smart

"A national library of factual information" on candidates.

Rock the Vote

Project to get young people registered to vote.  Sponsored by MTV.

Harris County/Texas

Harris County Voter Registration

Information on registration requirements, applications (you can register to vote at any library branch), a guide Precincts, voter registration database, and other voter services.

Harris Votes!

Election information, early voting information, election results, and how to use the eSlate voting system.

League of Women Voters - Houston

Information on elections in Texas including candidates, voter registration information, and polling locations.

Texas Secretary of State Elections

Important dates, candidates - including who's on the ballot in Texas, returns, registration, and electoral college information.


Information on the new voting machines.


The Democratic Party| Texas | Harris County

Republican National Committee | Texas | Harris County

Third Parties

Constitution Party  | Texas

Green Party of the US | Texas | Harris County

Libertarian Party | Texas | Harris County

Natural Law Party

Republican Liberty Caucus of Texas

Socialist Party

Tea Party

US Offices


The White House

The President and Vice President are elected to four year terms.  The 22nd Amendment to the Constitution established a two term limit.

President Barack Obama & Vice President Joe Biden (D) were elected in the 2008 election.  Their primary opponents were John McCain & Sarah Palin (R).

US Senate

US Senate

Senators have six year staggered terms.

Senator John Cornyn (R)
Up for reelection in 2020

Senator Ted Cruz (R)
Up for reelection in 2018

Mayor of Houston

Sylvester Turner (D)

2010 Election Results

State of Texas


Greg Abbot (R) | Office of the Governor

Lieutenant Governor

Dan Patrick (R) | Office of the Lieutenant Governor

Attorney General

Ken Paxton (R) | Office of the Attorney General

US House of Representatives

US House of Representatives Official Site

All Representatives come up for election every two years. 

District 2

Ted Poe (R)

District 7

John Culberson (R)

District 9

Al Green (D)

District 10

Michael McCaul (R)

District 18

Sheila Jackson-Lee (D)

District 22

Pete Olson (R)

District 29

Gene Green (D)

Harris County Offices

County Judge

Judge Ed Emmett (R)

County Commissioners

Precinct 1
Commissioner Gene L. Locke (D)

Precinct 2
Commissioner Jack Morman (R)

Precinct 3
Commissioner Steve Radack (R)

Precinct 4
Commissioner R. Jack Cagle (R)