Embrace a more magical New Orleans

New Orleans is known for its mystical ways.  Several authors have made it the stomping grounds for their novels.  A new writer has established her urban fantasy in The Crescent City with the first novel in a planned series taking place just as hurricane Katrina hits.  Suzanne Johnson's Royal Street introduces us to a Green Congress mage who goes by DJ.  When the hurricane hits, more than physical structures are broken down -- things are getting loose in the magical world, too.  With her mentor missing, DJ is faced with a new partner and keeping baddies from getting past the barriers -- or maybe that's keeping her new partner from getting past her barriers. 

The book has an almost Dresden Files feel to it, though considerably heavier on the romance side of things, and the main character is learning more about her craft instead of being a heavy hitter from the start.  Still, this could be a series to watch for those who like a stronger mix of romance and fantasy in their reading.  The next book in the series, River Road, is due out in November.  This first book is coming to HCPL soon, so be sure to add your name to the wait list and let me know what you think -- just the right mix for your reading tastes?