Embracing the Spirit of a Champion

This year, the  Lifetime Network and the American Library Association's, Campaign for America's Libraries have created a partnership to promote Black History Month.  On February 1,  "The Gabby Douglas Story," a Lifetime® Original Movie will premier; as  a two time gold medalist the story of Gabriella Douglas is sure to inspire the champion in all. 

"There are no limitations if you broaden your horizons. If you don't succeed you haven't failed, because you cannot fail if you have tried your hardest." ~ Carl Lewis

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Raising the Bar by Gabrielle Douglas

After competing in the 2012 London Olympics and winning two gold medals, Gabrielle Douglas's life changed forever ... but in many important ways, it stayed the same. Inside these pages, Gabrielle shares an inside look at her day-to-day world, from the things that are still important to her, time with her friends and family, her favorite comfort foods, and her training routine, as well as what's it's like to suddenly walk the red carpet and interviewed by various people.

Along the way, Gabrielle also offers tips on how you can raise the bar on your life and accomplish your dreams. Through candid photos taken by Gabrielle to exclusive images taken behind the scenes, experience what it's like to be an Olympic Champion and a normal teenage girl balancing a life in the spotlight with a life in the gym.

 Grace, Gold and Glory: My Leap of Faith by Gabrielle Douglas with Michelle  Burford

In the 2012 London Olympics, US gymnast Gabby Douglas stole hearts and flew high as the All-Around Gold Medal winner, as well as acting as a critical member of the US gold-medal-winning women gymnastics team. In this autobiography, Gabby tells her story of faith, perseverance, and determination, demonstrating you can reach your dreams if you let yourself soar.

Gabby Douglas: Going for the Gold by Tori Kosara [On Order]

Learn all about Gabby's early life and road to becoming a gold medal Olympian in this full-colour photographic biography.

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Make sure to check out the Educational Guide for the movie. 

The official Gabriella Douglas Website

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