The Epic Return of Game On!

Mario StencilI’ve had several of our Freeman teens asking about when our gaming programs would begin again. Well the wait is over! We have two upcoming gaming programs in February: Thursday, February 10th and Thursday February 24th. Join us in the Zone after school for video games, board games, card games, snacks, and more!

Are there particular games you like and think we should have here at Freeman? Leave us a comment, visit us at the library and talk with Ash or Meredith, or consider joining the Teen Advisory Board!

Flickr CC: Mario Stencil Photo by: Dr Case


You should do Mario Sports

You should do Mario Sports Mix. It's a new game that was released in 2011.

Thanks for the suggestion! 

Thanks for the suggestion!  Mario is always popular; we'll have to check into getting a copy of Mario Sports Mix.