Erich Segal, 1937-2010

Love StoryWhen I was a young adult, I loved to read Erich Segal's books.  He passed away on Sunday in London.  His most famous book was Love Story, which was made into the 1970 movie of the same name starring Ryan O'Neal and Ali MacGraw. I cried when reading the book and when watching the movie. Two of his books that I particularly liked were The Class, which follows the lives of several classmates at Harvard and Doctors, which is about the education of a group of doctors.  Both are great books along with Love Story. 

The New York Times has an extensive obituary of Segal.  One of the interesting factoids in the obituary is that Oliver, the main male character in Love Story, was "was mainly a youthful incarnation of the actor Tommy Lee Jones. He did say that he had modeled Oliver’s freighted relationship with his father on the Gore family."