Error: Failed call to fulfill the title. The fulfillment limit (3) for the requested title has been reached.

Titles in our digital catalog can only be downloaded three times. If you were able to download some, but not all, of the parts to your title and are receiving this error, please attempt to download the remaining parts through the Overdrive Media Console itself.

  1. 1) Open the Overdrive Media Console.
  3. 2) Select the title you need to finish downloading by left clicking on it one time.
  5. 3) Click the download button located towards the top of the Overdrive Media Player.
  7. 4) Select the parts that still need to be downloaded and attempt to download them.

If you were not able to get any parts downloaded into the Overdrive Media Console, or if you still experience the error, please fill out the support form so that we can assist you further.