Evelyn Meador Amazon Gift Card Winner for 2013!


2013 Amazon Gift Card Winner, Maura White says...

The summer reading program is a fairly new activity for my family. This year, I joined the reading program with my two 6 year old girls to encourage them to provide feedback on books and show them that Mommy enjoys reading, too. I was thrilled to hear that I won the Amazon gift card for just logging in books that I enjoyed reading! Over the summer, I read a variety of books (sci-fi, YA, military) in a variety of formats (library checkout, digital library loan, and purchases). My books varied from the Mistborn Trilogy to the Astronaut Wives Club. My favorite book of the summer was Gates of Fire, a book about the battle of Thermopylae. I will CERTAINLY participate in the reading program next year. My kids are now even more determined to read and update their progress next summer!