Evelyn Meador Library Beautification Project

I have been blessed to have the opportunity to work at such a beautiful library. The Evelyn Meador library in Seabrook, TX is one of the more attractive libraries I have ever been inside. But, it wasn’t always this charming. Before Hurricane Ike, the Evelyn Meador Library was the epitome of what most libraries in our country represented: It was four walls surrounding stacks of books without any windows to let in natural light. Hurricane Ike damaged that old fashioned building, and this community was without a physical library for nearly three years.






Fortunately, even before Ike formed in the tropical Atlantic waters, Harris County, the City of Seabrook, and the friends of the Evelyn Meador library had already begun to make plans with English and Associates Architects, Inc. for a new and different kind of library. That difference lead to a LEED Certified building that truly expresses the personality of this community. The library has a nautical theme throughout the building, sails hanging from the ceiling, a pirate mural, and windows everywhere. We were able to build in a computer lab, a very large meeting room, a conference room, the discovery zone, teen isle and in 2017 we added an iMaker space. All these amazing things are just in the interior of the building. I haven’t even begun to talk about the outside.

The Library is next to a park that houses a skate park, a basketball court, a baseball diamond, with a community pool and park right down from there. There is also a marsh area that houses several local species of animals, bugs, and reptiles. Plus right from our parking lot you can access the miles of trails Seabrook has to offer. There’s even a library program that takes advantage of those trails, the Happy Feet Walking Club which meets every Friday at 9:30 am.
As you might be able to guess it takes a lot to keep this place in tip top shape. Sometimes, we even ask folks like you to help in the endeavor. This weekend April 7th, we will be having an Evelyn Meador Library Beautification Project and we would love for you to come and join us for this annual beautification project. Help us make Evelyn Meador a clean and beautiful place. Refreshments and coffee will be served. Students who need service hours are welcome. See you there! Registration is at 9am and you can expect to volunteer until noon.  

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