Evelyn Meador library is pretty awesome!

Well, March has come and gone here at Evelyn Meador Library and we had some pretty amazing programs happen during the month. Did you get a chance to check out Miss Nancy’s International Storytime, or our new program for little makers. Don’t tell me you didn’t get a chance to go to the lavender farms and see the blue bonnets, or that you missed out on signing up for the April trip down to Galveston! How about taking a walk with Susan on Fridays? You can call me crazy, but if you missed the bath bombs program then you missed out on one heck of a maker program (we had a blast) and if you didn’t get to be all nostalgic with us while making slap bracelets then maybe you’re the one that is crazy! But, really, I don’t think you’re crazy; I just think that you need to check out all the awesome programs we have here at Evelyn Meador Library.

Who knew that a library could be such a cool place to hang out? Not only do you get to check out awesome books both in person and on the internet, you get to hang out with some pretty cool people like Greg Fahey. Mr. Greg is our new Youth Services Specialist who just moved to Seabrook from Provo, Utah. He likes to read Science Fiction, Graphic Novels, and History. He's excited to be here and to work with the teens and tweens of Seabrook. Stop by and give him a warm Seabrook “Howdy.”

Coming up in April we are full of programs. Here is a sneak peek of the first week.

Starting Monday: Toddler International Storytime at 10:30am

Little Maker (whoopee cushions) at 11:00am

Tuesday: Coding with Scratch at 4:15pm

Excel 2016 – Formulas: sort and filters at 6:30pm

Wednesday: iPad Tips at 11:00am

Seabrook Rocks at 4:15pm

Thursday: Autism Awareness Month activities: Weighted Snakes at 4:15pm

Friday: Privacy Settings on Facebook at 1:30pm

3D Printing Orientation: Polyprinter at 4:15pm

Saturday: Evelyn Meador Library Beautification Project at 10:00am (Y’all come help us make the outside of the library beautiful.)