Evelyn Meador Makes Gold!

When the new Evelyn Meador Library was still in the planning stages before Hurricane Ike came through in 2008, one of the things that was high on our wish list was to be a green facility.  Being in the middle of a beautiful park and trail setting and close to the water, we thought this would be pretty cool. English & Associates, the architects for the building, decided to make this a reality by pursuing the goal of LEED certification.
   LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification is a lengthy process involving compliance with numerous design, construction and operation standards in green buildings. In addition, there are several levels of certification that may be obtained, based on a strict rating system.
The library has many sustainable features incorporated into its design, construction and operation: building orientation to take advantage of natural lighting; water conserving fixtures; energy efficient lighting; highly reflective cool roofing and reflective paving; certified Green Label Plus carpet and other non-toxic building materials, all of which contributed to our LEED certification.
The Evelyn Meador Branch Library is the first Harris County owned building to achieve Gold Level certification, which is the second to highest level available. This building with its efficient planning, functional features and sustainable design may just set a new standard.
Kudos to the many involved in making this a landmark that everyone can be proud of!