Excited For The New Star Wars Movie? Check Out These Books While You Wait.

heir to the eimpreI'm sure I wasn't the only one who was pleasantly surprised by the new Star Wars Trailer.  Maybe extremely excited is a better way to put it.  With a new Star Wars story on the horizon I thought it high time I actually read some of the Extended Universe books.  I reached out to some of my uber Star Wars nerd friends and asked where they suggested I start.  The Thrawn Trilogy by Timothy Zahn was the unanimous choice.  


So Star Wars fans, I present to you links to the libraries collection of the Thrawn Trilogy.  Since the movie doesn't come out for another year, what other Star Wars EU books do you recommend?  

The Thrawn Trilogy:

Heir to the EmpireHeir to the Empire





Dark Force RisingDark Force Rising





last commandThe Last Command


Thrawn Trilogy would

Thrawn Trilogy would definitely have been the one I suggested, too.   Now, if you wanted to perhaps revisit the original release, I'd recommend listening to the Star Wars original radio drama.   It is through Overdrive, and it expands the story.  It has a lot of the original music and sound effects, and in the radio drama there are scenes cut from the movie, such as the one in Tosche station (you know, where Luke was going to pick up some power converters) where Luke talks about the opening sequence battle with his Tatooine pals.  There are many other extra scenes like that, plus it's just a lot of fun.

That's a wonderful idea.  I

That's a wonderful idea.  I have never listened to the Radio Drama, but the added scenes and audio sound great!  Plus its on Overdrive, so I don't even have to get a physical copy from the library.  Thanks!

P.S.  To all the serious Star Wars fans who have been picking apart the trailer:  I'm pretty sure it was confirmed that the light saber sound at the very end comes from Luke's light saber.