An Exciting New Way To Read The Dresden Files

Storm Front 1I’ve been a loyal reader of Jim Butcher’s Dresden Files for years, but I’ve only just discovered the graphic novels.

In the forward to Storm Front Vol. 1 Jim Butcher discusses how he always envisioned Harry Dresden as a comic character, and I think he’s right.  Even though I’m reading the same story of Storm Front or Fool Moon, it seems new and exciting to see the illustrations along with the typical Dresden wit.  As an added bonus there are new stories written, for those of us who can’t wait for the newest novel to be written. 

I have decided to save you the trouble of trying to hunt for all of the titles we own in the system and listed them below.  Happy Reading!

Jim Butcher's: The Dresden Files

storm front 1

storm front 2

fool moon 1

fool moon 2

welcome to the jungle

ghoul goblin