Exploring Thailand @ The Library

Each year in May, the Atascocita Branch Library, presents programs to celebrate Asian-Pacific American Heritage Month. This is an incredible opportunity for families to learn a little about  Asian, Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander peoples and their culture.  This year, we learned about Thailand.



First, children and their families watched a shadow puppet show presented by members of the Board of Library Teens (aka BOLT). The puppet show was based on the Thai Folktale, "The Girl Who Wore Too Much."

After children created their elephant craft they were invited to try a sample of Thai food. Our wonderful Children's Librarian, Susan Zykorie, made Pad Thai with Chicken and Khoa Mun (coconut rice) for everyone to taste.  Both the adults and children had fun and loved learning about a culture other than their own. 

The Girl Who Wore Too Much: a Folktale from Thailand retold by Margaret Read MacDonald 

The 2nd International Cookbook for Kids by Matthew Locricchio