Extreme Makeover: Turtle Edition

Have you stopped by to visit our turtles yet? If you haven't, no worries, our reptilian friends will be here for a while. Our two little guys have been through a lot since moving to the library. A new place, strange faces, and new friends can be rough for two tiny turtles. Luckily, they have adapted very well. Recently, they have had an extreme home makeover.  Their comfy home was looking a little too much like a swamp so we decided it was makeover time. Moving old stuff out and new stuff in was no easy task, but let me just say that I think they really enjoy their new  environment. Big Mike has finally broken out of his shell, and is such a gentlemen now. Little Rafa is still the attention lover and go-getter. They love when visitors come to say hi and still like to pose for the camera. So don't be turtle shy and come and say hello. They won't bite, I promise.