Fairy Tale Endings…

fairy tale castleI’ve always been a little resistant to fairy tales. The whole “happily ever after” thing never sat well with me. But often the versions of fairy tales I saw or heard growing up bore little resemblance to their origins (which were sometimes just down-right creepy) and there are many retellings of fairy tales that put a whole new twist on some tired old tales. What fairy tales do you love or hate?

Mer’s Fairy Tale Reads:

storyteller's daughter bookjacketice bookjacketbeastly bookjacketcalamity jack bookjacket


goose girl bookjacketfairest bookjacketash bookjacketwildwood dancing bookjacketbound bookjacket






breath bookjacketcrimson thread bookjacketbriar rose bookjackettrollbridge bookjacket





Flickr CC: Fairy Tale... Photo by: lapidim