Famous TV Chefs

I don't cook much.  My oven still looks like it came off the showroom floor.  And when Hurricane Ike rolled around, nothing much changed for me food-wise.  Peanut butter and crackers?  No problem.  Soup or beans?  I have it covered with my trusty can-opener.

When I have electricity, I'm a microwaving master.  I have amazing button-pushing skills.  But cooking something?  Actually throwing things together?  Measuring, chopping, preheating, baking?  No.  That would be disastrous.

So I'm always a little surprised when I find myself sucked into a cooking show when zapping through the TV channels.  My jaw hangs open as I watch these tv chefs create an irresistible meal, which also looks like a piece of art when they're done.  I can't help it.  I'm amazed.  I'm also a little jealous.  It makes me want to cook.  Almost.

I want to give my respect to anyone who can cook well.  Without you, I would always be eating micro-nuked pot pies.  And you can only eat so many of those.  A real meal, cooked in the oven, does a person good.

If you enjoy cooking, check out the books written by some of those famous TV chefs for a little recipe inspiration.  And when you're done creating your delectable delights, I'll be the first to volunteer my incredible tasting skills.

Photo credit:  djfromgfs