for fans of I Survived

If you're a fan of Lauren Tarshis' I Survived series, here are some other historical/disaster-y adventures for you:

You choose interactive History adventures

You'll find these in the non-fiction section, but they are basically "choose your own adventures" set in specific time periods or at certain events. 

     these are only a few of the 48 different adventures.

Up2U adventures

This is another "choose your own adventure" type of series. Some of the book are action, some western, some horror, and some are mysteries. 

 This one is the only specific historical event one (so far), but there's also a wild west adventure: 


DK Adventures


There are only nine books in this series (so far, there's one called Dinosaur Hunters coming out in December). These DK adventures have facts and interesting stuff throughout the book in addition to the adventure story.