Fantasy from Down Under

 Garth Nix, Kate Constable, Marianne Curley, Karen Healey.  What do these authors have in common? Well, several things in fact.  They all write YA fantasy novels, and they all live in Australia.  These four authors and many more that sit on our shelf all originate from the lands down under.  Yes, I say "lands" not land.  Karen Healey for example originally was from New Zealand.  In her new book Guardian of the Dead she explores Maori (the indigenous people of New Zealand) Mythology in present day New Zealand.  Marianne Curley's series The Guardians of Time is set in Australia, while Garth Nix and Kate Constable seem more apt to write of completely fictional lands. 

Out of Australia also comes a fabulous website about books called Inside a Dog.  This website has authors come in and blog for a month as the writer in residence.  There are also a lot of book reviews and booklists on the page.  The website highlights Australian authors.  This is a great resource for all of you who are looking for books to read.