Fantasy for People Freaked Out By Dragons and Talking Animals

dragonI’ve never been particularly fond of fantasy as a genre. My resistance to fantasy doesn’t really make any logical sense, because I love to read just about anything and there are some very smart people in my life who love reading fantasy titles. For some reason I just have a mental block: someone starts talking about a universe that doesn’t exist or fairy creatures or dragons or names with a bunch of consonants that are hard to pronounce and I just find myself drifting off and thinking about other things. But, despite my reservations, there are some really great fantasy titles out there for those a little suspicious of or turned off by the genre. I gave them a try and I was impressed. Which genres will you give a chance?

Mer’s Fantasy Without Dragons & Talking Animals Picks:

weetzie bat bookjacketfire bookjacketsplendor falls bookjacketbeautiful creatures bookjacketred necklace


dragonfly bookjacketketurah and lord death bookjacketnation bookjacketlips touch three times bookjacketextraordinary adventures of alfred kropp bookjacket





Flickr CC: Dragon Photo by: will_hybrid