Favorite Children's Books

We read children's books for the illustrations and the words, and the story these pictures and letters somehow magically create. Children's books often stay with us--some we remember more than others, and we read them again and again. My old favorites include The SeHave you read Miss Suzy?cret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett, Miss Suzy by Miriam Young, and Nothing Ever Happens On My Block by Ellen Raskin. Some new favorites are Skippy jon Jones by Judith Byron Schachner and the Frannie K. Stein, Mad Scientist series by Jim Benton. The children's writer "wanna-be" in me appreciates anything written by Richard Peck, Louis Sacher, Christopher Paul Curtis and Kimberly Willis Holt. And, I can't forget nonfiction. Give me a book about shipwrecks, like the story Raising La Belle by Mark G. Mitchell, and I'm wide-eyed.

Besides asking the Tomball Library kids what they like to read, I also like to ask adults what their favorite children's books were when they were growing up. My mom read The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry and Richard Howard. My father read Nicholas by René Goscinny and Jean-Jacques Sempé. But, he didn't read it as a child. I introduced this funny 1950s French classic about a schoolboy and his rowdy friends to Dad when he was 81 years old. I'd never seen him laugh so much. Ms. Jan in our Children's Department suggested a 2006 Texas Bluebonnet book titled One -Handed Catch by Mary Jane Auch. And Ms. Cheryl recommended and reviewed this book:

How Many Cats? by Lauren Thompson: A story about a dog who wonders where the cat has gotten off too because he has no one with which to play. The cat finally comes home, but just how many friends has she brought with her? Robin Eley’s artwork is outstanding, portraying the cats takeover of the house and resulting bedlam.

What are some of your old and new favorites? We hope you'll recommend some here!