Favorites Read So Far in 2012

Do you love reading? [Explored #28] by FiduzWe’re more than half-way through the year (and more than half-way through SRP – have you registered? No? Register, already!) and at this point I’m taking stock of everything I’ve read so far.  I’ve had the pleasure to read many good books this year, but out of all these have been my favorites.  What are your favorite reads in 2012?

Favorites So Far of 2012

sparks bookjacket

master of deceit bookjacket

iboy bookjacket

tempest bookjacket

butterfly clues bookjacket





the fault in our stars bookjacket

why we broke up bookjacket

the night she disappeared bookjacket

keeping the castle bookjacket

legend bookjacket





i hunt killers bookjacket

flesh & blood so cheap bookjacket

getting over garrett delaney bookjacket

life an exploded diagram bookjacket

ripper bookjacket





aristotle and dante discover the secrets of the universe bookjacket

au revoir crazy european chick bookjacket

statistical probability of love at first sight bookjacket

curveball bookjacket

scorpio races bookjacket





daughter of smoke and bone bookjacket

final four bookjacket

out of shadows bookjacket

watch that ends the night bookjacket

how to save a life bookjacket





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